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Red River Collection Company, Inc. - Debt Repayment Solutions Denver, CO

Debt Repayment Solutions In Denver, CO

Too often, non-paying customers don't take their debt seriously. Red River Collection Company, Inc. specializes in helping your debtors realize just how serious their unpaid debt really is. We can help debtors find workable debt repayment solutions in Denver, CO.   We strive to get the debt paid as quickly as possible.   If your customer cannot pay the balance in full our collection representatives are willing and able to work out agreeable payment arrangements.

Red River Collection Company, Inc. - Debt Collection Service Denver, CO

Why You Need a Professional Debt Agency

There are many different reasons for a company to seek out a debt collection service. We want our clients to seek us out under certain key circumstances, so that we can do the most good for you. Please consider our services for any of the following reasons:

  • Customers Do Not Pay Their Debt
  • Delinquent Debt Recovery Of More Than 60 Days
  • Customers Move Without Notice
  • Customers Do Not Return Any Calls or Messages
  • Customers Become Confrontational When Discussing Debt
  • Customers Have Unfounded Complaints About Your Product or Service
  • You Don't Have Available Work Hours To Contact Delinquent Customers
  • You Find Yourself Uncomfortable When Discussing Debt
  • You Don't Have the Staff or Resources To Work Slow-Paying or Non-Paying Accounts
  • You Want To Concentrate Your Resources On Paying Customers

Helping Your Company With Debt Repayment Solutions

We at Red River Collecting Company, Inc. understand that your time is valuable. Mailing letters and making collection calls are far from the best way to use your time. By working with a third party collection agency, not only do you get the money owed to you by your debtors, but you also ultimately save money because you don't have to allot valuable time, money, equipment, or even office space to an in-house debt collector.

We don't get paid until you do We also report to the credit bureau for you on most types of debt. We aren't able to report to the bureau for some clients due to restrictions by the credit bureau.