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About Us

Red River Collection Company, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Robert Lantis and Josephine Lucero. We have over 40 years of collection, portfolio, and personnel management experience. We want to provide your organization with all of the benefits of this experience, including cost reduction, improved profit margins, and an increase in time available to devote to your customers.

Specialized Service From a Unique Company

Many of our clients find our company name to be particularly unique. Before the age of computers, companies tracked income and expenses with black and red ink in ledger books. Black ink was used for profits, while red ink represented losses. In those times, when things were bad, "The red ink would flow like a river." Our company was born from this interesting idiom.

However, it isn't just our name that's unique. We also conduct our business in a uniquely friendly fashion. We don't use gimmicks or push for sign-on bonuses or add-ons. Instead, we provide an honest and informative collection service to our clients. We take no small amount of pride in working quickly and efficiently for a reasonable cost, so that we can build a profitable relationship with our clients.

Serving Companies of All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you represent a small company or a large corporation, Red River Collection Company, Inc. is prepared to help. Every one of our staff members is prepared to work towards your satisfaction, as each individual client represents the future of our organization. We strive to provide an adequate number of collectors with reasonable workloads. This way, we do not overburden our staff and they give your individual accounts the time and attention they deserve.